Sights around Paris

Mont Saint-Michel: everything a tourist needs to know

There are three rocky islands just off the north-western coast of France: Mont Saint-Michel, Mont-Dol and Tomblaine. Only Mont Saint-Michel is inhabited. The Saint Michael monastery was built on the island in the year 709, and the dam connecting it to the continent was only built at the end of the 19th century. For much of the city-island's history, it was separated from the mainland with every high tide. 

What to see in Normandy: the cities worth visiting

Normandy is a historical region in the north-western part of France, on the English Channel between Picardie and Brittany. It's the home of the famous Camembert cheese, and Parisians like to spend a weekend there to relax. Upper Normandy is praised for its apple orchards and cider, flooded meadows and amazing dairy products, secret provincial places, and fashionable resorts. Lower Normandy is famous for sunny Atlantic beaches and strong Calvados. Today we'll tell you about 10 cities in Normandy that we recommend visiting.

An independent car trip around Normandy

Normandy is one of the most beautiful areas in France. It's a great tourist destination, with so much to see and do. It has amazing nature, medieval cities, picturesque villages, casinos, luxury destinations, cider, and Calvados. There's so much to see here! This region has a problem, however. If you want to see everything that Normandy has to offer, public transport won't work. You'll waste a lot of money and only see 2 or 3 cities in the region.

What can I see in Marseille in one day?

Marseille bring out different emotions in people: some fall in love at first sight, and others are scared off by the simplicity and linearity of this port city. Only one thing is for sure: the bright, lively Marseille, imbued with the energy of the sea, won't leave you feeling indifferent. 

City visitors are presented with a sea of opportunities on how to spend their time. There are historical sights, various museums, lively bars and restaurants, and most importantly, the irreplaceable Marseille atmosphere.