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Paris museums you have to see

The huge number of museums in Paris can stump even the most experienced tourists and art lovers. How can you find your way amongst these tourist attractions and choose the most interesting and memorable ones? We've made a list of the best museums…

Tips for Visiting the Louvre: get in quickly and avoid the lines

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The Louvre is the most famous and most visited museum in Paris and the world. Unfortunately, its popularity means that it's almost impossible to escape waiting in long entry lines. Sometimes it takes hours to get in the door! If you want to…
Orsay MuseumDaniel Vorndran / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Orsay Museum: the 10 most important paintings and tips to get through with ease

The Orsay Museum is beloved by Parisians and museum lovers worldwide. It has the best and largest collection of impressionist paintings, graphics and sculptures in the world. The collection has countless famous and less-known but important works…