Amsterdam: The 15 most important tourist attractions

Despite its small size, Amsterdam's large number of interesting places can easily compete with the largest cities in Europe. The magnificent architecture, picturesque canals, and unusual atmosphere in Amsterdam make it a unique city that has…
Max van den Oetelaar / Unsplash

Amsterdam’s neighborhoods: where’s the best place for tourists to stay?

Much of the value of being in Amsterdam is determined by where you stay. Even this prosperous and friendly city has areas where tourists shouldn't go unless they want to ruin their impression of the city and fall into an unpleasant situation.…
Schiphol airport

How to get from Schiphol airport to the center of Amsterdam

After passing through standard passport control and baggage claim, you'll be in Schiphol's main hall. How can you get to Amsterdam from here? There are several options. A train is the easiest and quickest of all the public transport options.…