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Charles de Gaulle airport

What can you see during a layover in Paris?

Do you have a layover in Paris and don't know what to do while you wait? This article will explain when it makes sense to leave the airport, how to get to the center quickly and what interesting things you can see in Paris in just a few hours. What…

One day in Nantes: a quick city tour

Nantes is a city with a rich past, a bright present and a promising future. It's a great place to start a fascinating resort journey along the Atlantic coast (spoiler: there are many beautiful beaches). But you should start by visiting the capital…

Cassino for a day: The Monte Cassino abbey and monastery

Cassino is one of the two largest cities in the Frosinone province in Lazio. The city is little known among foreign tourists but is a gem for Italians. It's the land of Saint Benedict, the cradle of Christianity in the Roman empire, and the…

1 day in Paris: walking route

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If it's your first time in Paris and you only have one day, don't worry. We have an excellent route for you to take to see some of the best sights in the city! What can you see in Paris in just one day? Of course, you can't see absolutely…

A Day Trip to Strasbourg from Paris

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Strasbourg is in France but has a German name. The city has always been on the border of two cultures, and it has been part of both Germany and France at different times. Now it's a symbol of a united Europe and is the parliamentary capital…
Cannes beach

How to spend one day in Cannes

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Sometimes vacationers to the French Riviera have just one day to see Cannes. It's a cool city, famous for its film festivals, yachts, delicious dishes, and art, so it's important to plan a route that lets you see all the most famous tourist…
Castle Chenonceau

An Independent Trip to the Castles of Loire: a two-day adventure

The castles of Loire are a special part of France. Along the river Loire, kings and aristocrats built about 300 castles. Many of them are still there. Loire is a bit to the south of Paris, and tourist agencies recommend going to the castles.…

Just one day in Amsterdam? We have the best route

Many tourists Arrive in Amsterdam at the Central Train Station or at the Schiphol airport. This is actually a great place to start your one-day tour.  Dam The city's main square, Dam, is just a short walk from the station. There…

Paris in one day: route and map

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You can do a million things in Paris! There are so many wonderful things in this city, like world-famous tourist attractions, museums with all kinds of art, beautiful, well-kept parks, unique shops, romantic streets and cozy cafes. How can you…

One day in Marseille

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Marseille brings out different emotions in people: some fall in love at first sight, and others are scared off by the simplicity of this port city. Only one thing is for sure: the bright, lively Marseille, imbued with the energy of the sea,…

10 places to visit from Strasbourg for 1 day

Alsace is one of the most beautiful parts of France. There are a few large cities on the slopes of picturesque hills, scattered small towns and small villages, and many well-groomed vineyards. If you are in Strasbourg and decide to take a day…

One day in Dublin, itinerary

One day is not enough at all for exploring any major city with a rich history, Dublin is not an exception. But what if you have only one day in Dublin? Our route includes all the most «delicious» sights in the capital of Ireland for a great…