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10 delicious dishes to try in Provence

Food in Provence has a natural and rich flavor. Knowledgeable gourmands will immediately notice that Provencal dishes has more in common with Italian dishes than with typical French ones. Their unique quality comes from the use of a lot of vegetables…

Traditional dishes you need to try in Normandy

Since the olden days, Norman cuisine has been praised for its variety and traditions. Thanks to the abundance of local products, the cafes and restaurants generously treat tourists to everything the Norman soil has to offer. There's a huge…

The best dining in Strasbourg

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Strasbourg, like the rest of Alsace, is famous for its cuisine, which is slightly different from traditional French food due to the German influence. There are several Michelin-starred restaurants in the city, as well as many brasseries and…
Spaghetti alla carbonara 

The best of Roman food: 10 dishes

People go to Italy to see the amazing architecture and to try the tastiest Italian dishes. If you're going to Rome, you're lucky: roman cuisine is very good. You can use this article as a kind of culinary checklist. We'll tell you what Italian,…
Tuscan dishes

10 Tuscan dishes worth trying

Any lover of gourmet food won't complain about going to Tuscany. The majority of Tuscan recipes have been developed by generations of aristocrats and commoners alike. They say that the beginnings of the famous French cuisine are found right…

10 French dishes worth trying in Paris

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French food has been called "high-class" for a long time. Each of the 22 provinces has their own opinions on food and table service. French cuisine has several dishes that could be considered a calling card for the country. To satisfy your…

10 affordable places to eat in Paris

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Paris is an expensive city. Not every tourist can afford eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day in restaurants. Here are 10 places where you can eat quickly and cheaply. Don't let a limited budget keep you from enjoying this beautiful…