Beautiful places around Rome

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Amazing natural landscapes, beautiful architecture and the best food. It invites you to relax and be at peace. If you're on vacation in Rome and are tired of the standard tourist sights,…

Taxis in Rome: how much they cost and how to use them

Once you've been to Rome, when you think about the taxis there, you'll remember them as most expensive taxis in Europe, and some of the most expensive in the world. But despite the cost, tourists still have to use them sometimes. If you don't…

30 major attractions in Rome

The main difficulty you will face when first getting acquainted with the Eternal City is the need to decide which sights in Rome to visit first. At every step you'll come across an interesting museum, a picturesque square, an ancient church,…

Cassino for a day: The Monte Cassino abbey and monastery

Cassino is one of the two largest cities in the Frosinone province in Lazio. The city is little known among foreign tourists but is a gem for Italians. It's the land of Saint Benedict, the cradle of Christianity in the Roman empire, and the…

Rome for LGBT tourists: clubs, parties and hotels

Rome is one of the cities on every serious traveler's list. There aren’t many metropolises in the world where modern life blends in so organically with an ancient historical atmosphere. In several ways Rome is still a very conservative city,…
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Duomo in Milan

The Duomo di Milano is a top destination for Milan tourists, worthy of endless acclamations of praise.  The facade of the Duomo: how it became what it is When we enter the Piazza del Duomo, the grandiose facade of the cathedral appears before…
Public transport in Rome

How to save money on public transport in Rome

Public transport in Rome consists of buses, the metro, trolleys and trains. Sometimes it's hard for tourists to understand directions, as well as the process for buying tickets and travel cards. And most importantly, it's hard to know what's…

Dangerous parts of Rome

In light of recent world events, the criminal activity in Rome has changed, unfortunately for the worse. Immigrants, unemployed people, Romani, the mafia, pickpockets, drug dealers and prostitution have all affected this. A few years ago, you…

The 10 best pizzerias in Rome

Pizzerias in Rome are just as good as they are in Naples, even though Naples is considered the birthplace of pizza. Roman pizza differs from Neapolitan pizza: the crust is thinner, and also crunchier because of the olive oil in the crust.  Specifics…

Souvenirs from Rome

Besides pictures and impressions, you probably want to bring home souvenirs and gifts to remind you of your Italian vacation and share something with your friends and family. In the city, you'll find tons of useful and nice things, so your biggest…

The 10 best wineries in Tuscany

Wine and its production are part of Tuscany's culture and are no less important than painting and architecture. Wine tours and agritourism are just as popular here as Santa Maria del Fiore and the Uffizi Gallery. Why wouldn’t you take a tour…

All About Parking in Milan

Moving around the suburbs of Milan by car is convenient if you have a place to stay in the countryside, or planning a trip to the lake, and a must if you have small children or elderly relatives on the trip. You can rent a car from a website…

Pompeii: everything you need to know about the open-air museum

Pompeii is a very ordinary Roman town near Naples whose life was suddenly and tragically interrupted by a volcanic eruption. The memory of the catastrophe has haunted humanity through the ages. The painting "The Last Day of Pompeii" by Russian…
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Shopping in Rome: trade streets and outlets

Rome is a famous fashion city. You'll find many large malls and streets with original branded shops here. The shopping opportunities in Rome attract tourists year after year, since no one wants to pass up the chance to take home some high-quality…

The best cheap places to eat in Rome

A vacation in Rome isn't just about the ancient architecture of the Eternal City. You also want to try all the local dishes and enjoy authentic Italian food. Most travelers want to know if it's possible to find really good food for cheap in…

The best areas to stay in Rome

If you're planning a trip to Rome, one of the first questions you've probably had is “Where's the best place to stay in Rome?” We'll try to answer that question here, with information about the regions of Rome that are good for tourists,…
St. Peter's

12 must-see temples in Rome

Rome is a very special city with a direct relation to the birth of modern civilization. Its historical legacy is priceless, and in the heart of the Italian capital is the Holy See of the Catholic Church, the Vatican. It would take you several…
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Vatican: tickets and tips for tourists

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How to plan a visit to the Vatican and its museums without huge queues? Where to buy tickets? We will talk about it as well as about the pitfalls of the trip in this article.

20 villages and towns in Tuscany that are worth visiting

The charm of Tuscany is in the small picturesque towns and villages spread throughout the valleys and hills. They're called "borgo" in Italy and are just as great to visit as the large cultural centers. They do everything they can so that their…
Spaghetti alla carbonara 

The best of Roman food: 10 dishes

People go to Italy to see the amazing architecture and to try the tastiest Italian dishes. If you're going to Rome, you're lucky: roman cuisine is very good. You can use this article as a kind of culinary checklist. We'll tell you what Italian,…

Travelling to Rome: Ten Smart Tricks for a Great Vacation

We tell you the details and the secrets of a pleasant and safe vacation to make your trip to Rome unforgettable. » See more - 100 tips for your trip to Rome Safety and security in Rome To avoid theft and trouble, spread your documents,…

Inexpensive hotels in Rome’s center

Finding an inexpensive hotel in Rome's center isn't easy. You'll need to look at tons of sites, compare prices, and check the location's convenience. But staying in the center will let you save money on transport since all the tourist destinations…
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Christmas at the Vatican: Feast, Mass, tickets

If you want to spend your Christmas vacation in a truly extraordinary place, head to the Vatican. All of Italy is a fairy tale in itself during the winter, but it's in the Vatican on the eve of the main Christian holiday when real miracles happen.…
Christmas in Rome

Christmas and New Year in Rome

Rome is a wonderful place to celebrate both Christmas and the New Year. Both holidays have significant differences in this city: the first is Catholic and especially revered, while the second is secular and somewhat secondary. This circumstance…
Beach near Rome

The best beaches near Rome

Do you dream of being on a beautiful Italian beach with a view of the sea? We'll tell you how to get to the sea from Rome, and which good nearby beaches are paid or free.  The best beaches near Rome  You can get to several beaches…
Italian tricolor

100 tips for your trip to Rome

Rome is a city with unbelievable sights and extraordinary character. It's hard to understand the first time you visit, but if you fall in love, it'll be forever. Do you want to feel at home in the Eternal City? Then this article is perfect for…
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The 10 best night clubs in Rome

Rome comes alive at night, when the city turns into an enormous disco, with people flowing from one club to another. Rome's parties aren't as trendy as New York's or London's, but they're no less stylish, extravagant and passionate than the…
Milan transport

Milan transport: all about bus, streetcar, and metro tickets

In Italy, the ticket system is unified – you can ride any form of public transport with a single ticket. Read more about transportation in Milan here.
Tuscan dishes

10 Tuscan dishes worth trying

Any lover of gourmet food won't complain about going to Tuscany. The majority of Tuscan recipes have been developed by generations of aristocrats and commoners alike. They say that the beginnings of the famous French cuisine are found right…
Traveling around Tuscany in a car

Traveling around Tuscany in a car: a route with cities and descriptions

A car in Tuscany is less a luxury and more a path to freedom and the ability to plan your trip independent of roadblocks. We recommend driving around Tuscany and have developed a fulfilling route for you. It's quite full and is about 500 km…

Elba: how to get to the beaches and tourist sights

Elba has been famous as a great vacation spot for a long time. Don't miss this small gem in the Mediterranean. Today we'll tell you how to get to Elba, what to do there, what to see and where to stay.  Elba for tourists  The…
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Everything tourists need to know about the Colosseum

If you're planning on going to Rome, you probably want to visit the Colosseum. If you want to get in without waiting in huge lines and want to fully appreciate your visit without any unfortunate surprises, you've found the right article.  The…
Shopping in Italy

Popular brands and shopping in Italy

Shopping is a popular activity during a vacation, especially in Italy, the birthplace of many iconic fashion brands. It's impossible to stay apathetic in front of the brilliant windows of world-class fashion stores with their amazing high-quality…

Save time in Rome: which attractions to book in advance

Rome is one of the most visited cities in Europe, and maybe in the world. The Eternal City entices crowds of tourists, and that means that multi-hour-long lines are present at the most popular Roman tourist sites. If you don't want to suffer…
Metro in Rome

Instructions from locals on how to use the metro in Rome

The Rome metroplex is one of the smallest in Europe, and only stretches about 60 kilometers. It isn't very comfortable, so it often causes trouble for tourists. We'll tell you in detail how to correctly use the metro in Rome.  Step one:…