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10 Best Cities to Visit in Provence 

The charm of Provence is irresistible. The rich history of this region combined with amazing monuments of architecture of all eras, interesting museums, beautiful nature, delicious cuisine, charming villages, and towns - all of these are amazing.…
Côte d'Azur

Top 10 Cities to stay on the Cote d’Azur

The Côte d'Azur, a luxurious section of coast along the Mediterranean Sea, begins from the town of Théoule-sur-Mer and stretches to the French-Italian border. Along this route are the most beautiful cities in southern France: Cannes, Nice,…

Explore Van Gogh’s Provence

The paintings of Van Gogh, the great Dutch artist, attract millions with their extraordinary emotions and vivid colors. It can be said that Van Gogh's art owes its beauty to the sun and the magical beauty of Provence, where he created many of…
Cannes beach

How to spend one day in Cannes

Sometimes vacationers to the French Riviera have just one day to see Cannes. It's a cool city, famous for its film festivals, yachts, delicious dishes, and art, so it's important to plan a route that lets you see all the most famous tourist…
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10 delicious dishes to try in Provence

Food in Provence has a natural and rich flavor. Knowledgeable gourmands will immediately notice that Provencal dishes has more in common with Italian dishes than with typical French ones. Their unique quality comes from the use of a lot of vegetables…

A bike trip around Provence

When we think of Provence, we imagine pictures of light lilac-colored flower fields and the wonderful aroma of lavender. But there's much more to this region in the southeast of France. You can visit Ancient Roman ruins, medieval castles, picturesque…
Sentier Des Ocres

The non-touristy French Riviera: a living fairy tale ​​​​​​​

Today we'll tell you about some mesmerizing, mystical places in the French Riviera that are mostly unknown to tourists. There are wild beaches, amazing views, offbeat routes, and unique destinations that are worth visiting even if it's your…
Provence's lavender fields

Provence’s lavender fields

The lavender fields have long been as recognizable of a symbol as France as the Eiffel Tower or Versailles. It's hard to imagine a vacation to southern France without visiting these unusual tourist attractions. How to get to the lavender fields The…

The top 9 kid-friendly destinations in Nice

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There are lots of places in Nice that the whole family can enjoy. There are indoor and outdoor parks with rides and shows, museums with child-friendly exhibits, and much more. Here are nine places you can visit with children that are sure…

10 ideas for things to do in Monaco

Many people who go to Monte Carlo understand exactly what they want. This article isn't for those people. We wrote this for tourists who want to learn and try as much as possible about this unique country but don't know where to start.  Walk…