The Carnavalet Museum

The Carnavalet Museum in Paris

There are 170 museums in the capital of France, but Carnavalet is considered the most Parisian of them all. It collects everything relating to Paris: its culture, history and outstanding personalities. And the collection of these artifacts is…

Louvre audio guides in English

The Louvre is a huge museum, with more than 300,000 pieces. You can't see them all in just one visit. But no one wants to go to the Louvre and panic since there are so many pieces and miss something really important. We have a solution: …

Tips for Visiting the Louvre: get in quickly and avoid the lines

The Louvre is the most famous and most visited museum in Paris and the world. Unfortunately, its popularity means that it's almost impossible to escape waiting in long entry lines. Sometimes it takes hours to get in the door! If you want to…