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Christmas in the Alps: 10 best resorts

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The Christmas season is a special time that you want to spend in a unique way, and it encourages you to plunge into a real winter fairy tale. You don't need any magic: enjoy that magical atmosphere when you go on holiday to the Alps. » See…
Christmas in Strasbourg

10 ways to celebrate Christmas in Strasbourg

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In European countries, Christmas is the most beloved and long-awaited holiday. People carefully prepare for it, buying gifts for loved ones, sending out greeting cards, and donating to charity. The Christmas cycle lasts 12 days. Celebrations…
Christmas markets in Europe

The best Christmas markets in Europe

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December is a special time in Paris. The Champs Elysees and shopping centers sparkle with festive lights, and Christmas markets beckon with the aroma of roasted chestnuts. At every step you can enjoy hot tea with traditional treats, ice skating…
Christmas Paris

Christmas fairs across Paris

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Christmas in Paris is a fairy tale. The brightest lights and the thrilling spirit of the holiday hang over the city from December 15th to 25th. The main attraction is the Christmas fairs, markets or bazaars. Here we've put together a list of…
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The traditions of Christmas in Paris

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Christmas in Paris is a long-awaited holiday. Everyone prepares for it for a month in advance. On December 25 Pere Noel, the French Santa Claus, brings presents to children, leaving them under the Christmas tree. Finally, New Year's Eve serves…
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Christmas at the Vatican: Feast, Mass, tickets

If you want to spend your Christmas vacation in a truly extraordinary place, head to the Vatican. All of Italy is a fairy tale in itself during the winter, but it's in the Vatican on the eve of the main Christian holiday when real miracles happen.…
Christmas in Rome

Christmas and New Year in Rome

Rome is a wonderful place to celebrate both Christmas and the New Year. Both holidays have significant differences in this city: the first is Catholic and especially revered, while the second is secular and somewhat secondary. This circumstance…
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Olympic games 2024 in Paris

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Paris is preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games. Get ready, too! How to buy a ticket, what to see, how to organize a trip - answers to the current questions.
Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais Nouveau: the feast of young wine

On the third Thursday of November each year, all of France celebrates the day of Beaujolais Nouveau (young wine of Beaujolais). This is a newer tradition, and there are questions about young wine — should you drink it? Let's take a look at…
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How to celebrate the New Year in Paris

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Gradually cities are covered with snow, some just a little, and some even more. And a vague feeling grows in your soul... you definitely need to go to Paris for Christmas. That's a great idea! Do you know what you need to do to make Christmas…