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Shopping in Italy

Popular brands and shopping in Italy

Shopping is a popular activity during a vacation, especially in Italy, the birthplace of many iconic fashion brands. It's impossible to stay apathetic in front of the brilliant windows of world-class fashion stores with their amazing high-quality…

What to bring home from Paris: souvenirs, food and gifts

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What should you take with you when it's time to leave Paris? We've got the answer! Useful souvenirs for relatives, gifts for your loved ones and something for yourself to help hold onto memories. Find the ones that are right for you! Wine France…

The Best Shopping in Paris

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Shopping in Paris is a favorite pastime of many tourists. This small guide will help you plan a shopping route and evaluate potential spending so you know what to expect on your trip. We've made a list of the best stores and malls for you. You…
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All flea markets in Paris

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The spirit of old Paris lives in its antiques. And where else to look for antique souvenirs if not in flea markets? We have collected the best addresses for you here.

Souvenirs from Rome

Besides pictures and impressions, you probably want to bring home souvenirs and gifts to remind you of your Italian vacation and share something with your friends and family. In the city, you'll find tons of useful and nice things, so your biggest…
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Shopping in Rome: trade streets and outlets

Rome is a famous fashion city. You'll find many large malls and streets with original branded shops here. The shopping opportunities in Rome attract tourists year after year, since no one wants to pass up the chance to take home some high-quality…

16 ideas for London Souvenirs

What are the best souvenirs in London? And what should I bring home for my friends and family? We're sure you'll easily solve this problem, but we can help too. Read this list of interesting ideas for British souvenirs!  Your favorite…
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When you saw everything: 20 things to do in Paris

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The most Parisian activities, not taking into account visiting the Louvre and Eiffel Tower, are collected here. Even if it’s your tenth time in Paris, you will find something new.
Sales in Paris

Shopping the Sales in Paris

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Twice a year they come to the city... sales in Paris! In January and July, French stores sell collections of clothing and shoes from the previous season with discounts up to 70, 80, or even 90%! This is a great chance to quench your thirst for…