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Ireland: a guide to the country of leprechauns

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Ireland is an verdant country of whiskey and Guinness, a country of Celts and leprechauns, mesmerizing northern landscapes and an endless number of half ruined castles. If you are a «Game of Thrones» fan, here you will understand what Winterfell…
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Irish whiskey: where to try it in Dublin

National Irish culture is impossible to imagine without whiskey. Read about the features of the drink, as well as where you can taste it in Dublin.
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National Museum of Ireland in Dublin: location and things to see

The National Museum of Ireland is actually four free museums at once: natural history, archeology, art history and agriculture. In this article we will tell you where they are and how to visit them.
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Where to stay in Dublin: best hotels

Dublin is a fairly large city, but most of it is completely uninteresting to travelers. In this article, you'll learn where to book a hotel in Dublin to be closer to the sights.

One day in Dublin, itinerary

One day is not enough at all for exploring any major city with a rich history, Dublin is not an exception. But what if you have only one day in Dublin? Our route includes all the most «delicious» sights in the capital of Ireland for a great…
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Traveling in Ireland by car: itineraryHenrique Craveiro / unsplash.com
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How to get from Dublin Airport to the city center?VOO QQQ / unsplash.com

How to get from Dublin Airport to the city center?

You can get from Dublin Airport to the city center by public transport, taxi or private car.