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Where to stay in Dublin: best hotels

Dublin is a fairly large city, but most of it is completely uninteresting to travelers. In this article, you'll learn where to book a hotel in Dublin to be closer to the sights.
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Top 10 hotels near Paris Disneyland

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Disneyland is an entertainment for the whole day from morning to evening. Not to waste energy on trips to the hotel, choose a good one nearby.
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Paris Disneyland: where to stay?

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Not to waste time on traveling to Disneyland, it makes sense to stay in a hotel nearby. We will tell you about the options.
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Ireland: a guide to the country of leprechauns

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Ireland is an verdant country of whiskey and Guinness, a country of Celts and leprechauns, mesmerizing northern landscapes and an endless number of half ruined castles. If you are a «Game of Thrones» fan, here you will understand what Winterfell…

Where to stay in Lyon: city districts

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Lyon is not that big, and transportation is convenient. But the 15 minutes you'd spend on a tram is much more pleasant to spend on sightseeing. Which area of Lyon is best to stay in for tourists? It directly depends on your plans. » See…

Rome for LGBT tourists: clubs, parties and hotels

Rome is one of the cities on every serious traveler's list. There aren’t many metropolises in the world where modern life blends in so organically with an ancient historical atmosphere. In several ways Rome is still a very conservative city,…

Inexpensive hotels in Rome’s center

Finding an inexpensive hotel in Rome's center isn't easy. You'll need to look at tons of sites, compare prices, and check the location's convenience. But staying in the center will let you save money on transport since all the tourist destinations…