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5 Places to Avoid Staying as a Tourist in Paris

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Not too long ago I saw an ad for "a romantic hotel" that was "not far from Montmartre." This hotel was actually two metro stations away from Montmartre, across from station Chapelle (line 2), in the center of one of the most dangerous parts…

Dangerous parts of Rome

In light of recent world events, the criminal activity in Rome has changed, unfortunately for the worse. Immigrants, unemployed people, Romani, the mafia, pickpockets, drug dealers and prostitution have all affected this. A few years ago, you…
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Where to stay in Paris. A complete guide to all neighborhoods

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Paris is in 20 administrative districts, and each district or arrondissement is like a separate city. The mayor is different, and the living conditions for tourists are different. Let's talk about each district in terms of accommodation for…

Which cities in the Netherlands should I visit besides Amsterdam?

The Netherlands is more than just Amsterdam. This comparatively small country has many interesting cities that are worth visiting. You can reach many Dutch cities from Amsterdam in under an hour by train. Here are some popular destinations: …
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Rome for LGBT tourists: clubs, parties and hotels

Rome is one of the cities on every serious traveler's list. There aren’t many metropolises in the world where modern life blends in so organically with an ancient historical atmosphere. In several ways Rome is still a very conservative city,…
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Amsterdam’s neighborhoods: where’s the best place for tourists to stay?

Much of the value of being in Amsterdam is determined by where you stay. Even this prosperous and friendly city has areas where tourists shouldn't go unless they want to ruin their impression of the city and fall into an unpleasant situation.…

The best areas to stay in Rome

If you're planning a trip to Rome, one of the first questions you've probably had is “Where's the best place to stay in Rome?” We'll try to answer that question here, with information about the regions of Rome that are good for tourists,…
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The 10 best hotels with a view of the Eiffel Tower

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Everyone who dreams of visiting Paris imagines waking up and seeing the Eiffel Tower outside his window. We have compiled a list of the 10 best hotels by guest reviews and value for money that are either close to the tower or have a great view…
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Ireland: a guide to the country of leprechauns

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Ireland is an verdant country of whiskey and Guinness, a country of Celts and leprechauns, mesmerizing northern landscapes and an endless number of half ruined castles. If you are a «Game of Thrones» fan, here you will understand what Winterfell…

10 good inexpensive hotels in Paris

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Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The French capital has fashionable hotels for millionaires and hostels for poor students. It's not easy to pick the best option out of the hundreds of hotels in Paris. Some…
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What’s the best London district to stay in?

London is a metropolis made up of Inner London, which has 12 boroughs, and the surrounding areas, Outer London, with the other 20 boroughs. Altogether it's referred to as Greater London. City of London We'll start with the most significant…

Inexpensive hotels in Rome’s center

Finding an inexpensive hotel in Rome's center isn't easy. You'll need to look at tons of sites, compare prices, and check the location's convenience. But staying in the center will let you save money on transport since all the tourist destinations…
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Paris Disneyland: where to stay?

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Not to waste time on traveling to Disneyland, it makes sense to stay in a hotel nearby. We will tell you about the options.
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Top 10 hotels near Paris Disneyland

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Disneyland is an entertainment for the whole day from morning to evening. Not to waste energy on trips to the hotel, choose a good one nearby.

Where to stay in Lyon: city districts

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Lyon is not that big, and transportation is convenient. But the 15 minutes you'd spend on a tram is much more pleasant to spend on sightseeing. Which area of Lyon is best to stay in for tourists? It directly depends on your plans. » See…
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Where to stay in Dublin: best hotels

Dublin is a fairly large city, but most of it is completely uninteresting to travelers. In this article, you'll learn where to book a hotel in Dublin to be closer to the sights.