The 10 best wineries in Tuscany

Wine and its production are part of Tuscany's culture and are no less important than painting and architecture. Wine tours and agritourism are just as popular here as Santa Maria del Fiore and the Uffizi Gallery. Why wouldn’t you take a tour…

20 villages and towns in Tuscany that are worth visiting

The charm of Tuscany is in the small picturesque towns and villages spread throughout the valleys and hills. They're called "borgo" in Italy and are just as great to visit as the large cultural centers. They do everything they can so that their…
Tuscan dishes

10 Tuscan dishes worth trying

Any lover of gourmet food won't complain about going to Tuscany. The majority of Tuscan recipes have been developed by generations of aristocrats and commoners alike. They say that the beginnings of the famous French cuisine are found right…
Traveling around Tuscany in a car

Traveling around Tuscany in a car: a route with cities and descriptions

A car in Tuscany is less a luxury and more a path to freedom and the ability to plan your trip independent of roadblocks. We recommend driving around Tuscany and have developed a fulfilling route for you. It's quite full and is about 500 km…

Elba: how to get to the beaches and tourist sights

Elba has been famous as a great vacation spot for a long time. Don't miss this small gem in the Mediterranean. Today we'll tell you how to get to Elba, what to do there, what to see and where to stay.  Elba for tourists  The…