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10 best palaces and castles in Paris and its suburbs

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Just imagine: Paris is over 2300 years old! During most of this time it was the capital of a prosperous state. In Paris and the surrounding area you can see palaces, castles and even medieval fortresses. We'll tell you about the most interesting…
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Versailles: tickets, guide, and history of the palace

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Versailles is not just a palace, but an entire city built especially for the royal court. Louis XIV wanted something so luxurious that no one could compare to him in wealth and beauty. You can admire the ambition of the king these days in the…
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A guide for visiting the Loire castles in France

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The Loire valley is home to many famous castles: Chenonceau, Chambord, Blois are some of the most well-known. Thousands of tourists visit these priceless architectural structures every year. We would like to tell you what's worth seeing as well…
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Tour the Loire Valley castles in your car

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The Loire Valley is a perfect region for tourists. You'll find luxurious views, abbeys, historical monuments, light wines from local grapes, and of course, Renaissance era castles. The best way to see the valley is to travel by car, so you can…
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Castle Chenonceau

An Independent Trip to the Castles of Loire: a two-day adventure

The castles of Loire are a special part of France. Along the river Loire, kings and aristocrats built about 300 castles. Many of them are still there. Loire is a bit to the south of Paris, and tourist agencies recommend going to the castles.…
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Powerscourt Gardens: how to get and what to see at the estate

Visiting Powerscourt is a great way to spend a day in nature without having to travel far from Dublin. All the information you need to visit is in this article.
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Ireland famous parks and gardens

The whole of Ireland can be declared one big national park. Its valleys, mountains and coasts are absolutely picturesque. You will find the top of the best man-made and miraculous parks in Ireland in this article.

One day in Dublin, itinerary

One day is not enough at all for exploring any major city with a rich history, Dublin is not an exception. But what if you have only one day in Dublin? Our route includes all the most «delicious» sights in the capital of Ireland for a great…
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