How to get into the London Eye without lines

London Eye

The famous London Eye Ferris wheel sees 11 thousand guests daily. It’s no surprise that it always has lines out front. The longest one is for the ticket counter and the second, slightly smaller one is at the ride’s entrance. But who wants to spend a lot of time waiting? We’ll tell you a few secrets for getting on the London Eye much quicker. 

Order London Eye tickets online 

If you do this, you’ll save 10-20% of the ticket price at the counter. You need to book your ticket at least a day before your visit. 

London Eye

The price for a standard adult ticket is 27 pounds. It will have your date and time on it. This means that that’s when you should get on the ride. You need to get in the entrance line in advance of that time. London Eye tickets are sold on the site following this link

The Flexi Standard ticket is a bit more expensive at 29 pounds. It only has the date, so you don’t need to worry about arriving on time. But you’ll still have to stand in line. 

Buy fast tickets 

The cheapest of the Fast Track tickets will give you a specific time and you’ll get on with no lines. The price is higher, at 37 pounds. You can book this pass here

London Eye

If you’re not sure when you want to go on the ride, then get the Flexi Fast Track with a date, but no time for 39 pounds. 

Booking a private capsule 

A private capsule for 3-25 guests costs 625 pounds. You should have at least 3 adults (over 18) in your group. Other than the standard services seen in a mini guide and video, you’ll be given champagne or wine with some appetizers, or you can make a “kid’s menu.” You can book this here

London Eye

Private capsule riders have a special entrance that skips all the lines. 

There’s another option for a private capsule on the London Eye, the “Love Capsule.” Guests are given a bottle of Pommery Brut Royal champagne and a box of Chocolat Pink delicious truffles. This capsule costs 470 pounds. You can pick your time here

London Eye

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The London Eye ride can also be rented for a family or friends of up to 15 people. That costs 450 pounds. The group should have at least 3 adults over 18. The Friends and Family capsule is perfect for special events like a birthday, a jubilee or other family events. You can buy tickets here

Have an amazing ride! 

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