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The Louvre is a huge museum, with more than 300,000 pieces. You can’t see them all in just one visit. But no one wants to go to the Louvre and panic since there are so many pieces and miss something really important.

We have a solution: an audio guide of the Louvre that will lead you straight to the most important pieces, and explain them and their connection to world culture in just 2 hours. You’ll see some amazing art and understand it better with our help. There’s a lot of helpful, interesting, and sometimes funny information for you. And the most important thing is that you can enjoy the Louvre at your own pace, with the ability to pause the guide or relisten to something.

You can download our audio guide here.

It includes:

  • A specially made plan that will help you see the most important pieces in 2-2.5 hours (the track is 70 minutes).
  • Detailed information on more than 20 key pieces with images in the app So you can easily find the piece being talked about and learn more if you’re interested.
  • Information on the Louvre’s hall and facts about the lives of the artists.
  • Helpful information and lifehacks.
  • Humor.

A plan for your Louvre visit

Our audio guide is a prepared plan for visiting the museum presented in chronological order. We tell you about the history of the royal palace and museum, and at the same time show you the evolution of the art as you move through the halls. From Venus de Milo to the Mona Lisa and legendary paintings from Napoleon’s time, you will see masterpieces that influence us even today.

What you’ll see: 


  • The old Louvre and royal palace;
  • Treasures of Ancient Egypt;
  • Ancient Greek and Roman art;
  • Renaissance masterpieces;
  • French art up to the 19th century;
  • Much, much more.

Why is the audio guide worth it? 


  • Compared to the cheapest group tour, our audio guide is three times cheaper. And it’s 10 times cheaper than an individual tour from an uncertified tour guide.
  • You can choose your pace, and no one will interrupt you.
  • You can pick the time you want to go.
  • Our audio guide works offline so you won’t need internet.
  • Our audio guide has been edited by professional sources, so all the information is accurate!

Your tour with our audio guide will save you time and money, show you the most interesting things in the museum, and help you learn more about the artists, paintings and art in general. Download our audio guide here

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