10 things to do in Strasbourg

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Have you heard good things about Strasbourg but aren’t sure whether to visit during your trip to Paris? If you have just one day, you can visit this unique city and have a great experience!

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See the Cathedral

Strasbourg Cathedral

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Strasbourg is one of the iconic attractions of the city. It is a beautiful Gothic church in its original pink and brown colour, with a single finished tower. Notre Dame also forms a perfect historical duo with the square in front of it—definitely a good spot for some photos! Don’t hesitate to go inside as well. You will find an wonderful ancient clock that shows not only the time but also the month, year, zodiac sign, and the location of the planets. It also has a small performance every half hour.

We also recommend going up to the observation deck of the Cathedral. From here you’ll have a breathtaking view of Strasbourg. Just remember that you have to climb on foot. The entrance to the stairs is on the right side of the cathedral.

Walk around the island


Grand Il island is the historical heart of Strasbourg. All the main sights of the city are concentrated here. Most of the island is pedestrian. So it’s interesting and enjoyable to walk around here. Just watch out for bicyclists! The whole place — is like a large open air museum!

And don’t forget about our unique audio guide, which you can quickly and easily download to your smartphone, making it simple to enjoy Strasbourg! Use this link.

You can try our audioguide right here:

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Ride the canals on a river tram


A river tram in Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace region, practically replaces a tour of the city. You will sail through the canals and see almost all the main attractions (with audio guides in many languages). During the tour you will have several surprises, like seeing swing bridges in action.

A river tram ride is also part of the Strasbourg City Pass, which includes free admission to one of the city’s museums and much more. Learn more and buy your card here.

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Taste the local cuisine


Strasbourg is an amazing mix of different cultures. You can see it in the look of the city, and especially in the local cuisine. For example, the main dish of Alsace is often considered to be Choucroute garnie, sauerkraut served with different types of meat. The dish is of German origin and is served with beer. In a good restaurant it’s better to take one portion for two people, otherwise, you risk ending up with too much food. Foie gras and sweet white wine are also a popular combo in Strasbourg, and we recommend trying them as well.

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Get coffee or dinner in Little France

Little France

Little France is the most beautiful district of the city. It may not have the most pleasant history connected with it (it has been a place of brothels and other sinful activities), but now it is very pleasant to stay or walk here today. Choose a cafe overlooking the canal and enjoy the beautiful views!

Walk or bike from France to Germany and back

Bridge to Germany

Strasbourg is right on the border with Germany. There’s a pedestrian bridge over the Rhine connecting the two countries. Residents and tourists like to walk across the city, legally crossing the border. In addition, there are parks on both sides, and on the German side there is the small cozy town of Kiel.

It’s easiest to get to the bridge of Europe by bike, which can be rented, or you can take bus number 21. You can find out more about renting a bike here.

Have a picnic in the Orangery


Strasbourg is rich with parks and green spaces. The favorite among the city’s residents is the Orangery. It was built by Napoleon for his wife Josephine. She never stopped here, but the park remained for the enjoyment of Strasbourgers. It features beautiful landscape architecture and there’s always something blooming. It’s a pleasure to have a picnic in this garden.

Attend an event

Strasbourg mon amour

Strasbourg is one of the three capitals of the European Union. For this reason, among others, there are a lot of interesting events held here. The city opens Christmas markets every holiday season, there’s a festival of fountains, a festival of street theaters, and much more. Before going to Strasbourg, check to see if there are any interesting events or performances happening to plan your trip around.

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Visit one of Strasbourg’s museums

City History Museum

Strasbourg has many unique museums. The best of them are the City History Museum, the Alsace Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. They all have interesting collections and a lot of interactive exhibits. You’ll have a good time and learn something new!

Stay in the old part of town

Old town

Book hotel in Strasbourg

If you’re going to stay in Strasbourg, we recommend staying in the heart of the city, on an island. It may be more expensive than other parts of Strasbourg, but it’s much more enjoyable. The Old Town not only has an amazing architectural style, it’s also a garden city. Magnolias and flowerbeds bloom here, and residents decorate their windows and balconies with flowers.

This is one of the most picturesque parts of France. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to stay in a cute little house from a fairytale picture, admiring the spire of the cathedral, the rooftops of the city and the flower beds on your balcony. Click here to see a list of the best hotels in Little France and the old part of town.


Enjoy your visit to Strasbourg!

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