Amsterdam baggage storage areas

Schiphol airport 

Do you have a few free hours, but are worried about storing your baggage? Use our advice and confidently walk around Amsterdam without carrying your bags with you. Here are the most reliable and convenient places to store your belongings. 

Schiphol airport 

The country’s main airport, Schiphol, offers several places to store your baggage:

  • Departure Lounge D in departure terminals 1, 2 and 3. 
  • Arrival Hall. 
  • The Baggage Basement Square, de Baggage Depot on the -1 floor, between Arrival Halls 1 and 2. 

Schiphol airport 

The price for a spot depends on the size and amount of time you’re leaving your bags. The prices listed here are in Euros for 24 hours: 

  • S Size (43x34x80 cm): 6 Euros; 
  • M Size (58x34x80 cm): 7 Euros; 
  • M+ Size (58x50x80 cm): 8 Euros; 
  • L Size (90x51x80 cm): 9.50 Euros; 
  • XL Size (120x50x80 cm): 11.50 Euros. 

They accept debit and credit cards. De Baggage Depot also takes cash. The longest you can leave your things is 168 hours (7 days), but if necessary, you can extend it to 1 month. 

Their office is open every day from 6 to 10 and you can get your bag at any time by calling an employee. 

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Amsterdam’s central station 

Amsterdam's central station. Bagagekluizen

Bagagekluizen (baggage storage) is in the eastern part of the station (the right side if you’re facing the station). Just follow the signs past the turnstiles. This storage area is open every day from 5am to 1 am. The central station in the center of Amsterdam has special storage areas where you can leave your belongings. There are two sizes available. The small ones are 7 Euros a day, and the large are 10. 

The longest amount of time you can store your bags is 9 days, after which your things will be removed and returned after you pay a fine. 


The cheapest options are offered by Drop&Go, which is near Amsterdam’s central station (about a 5-minute walk). 

They’re open from 8 to 11. 

Their phone number is +31 615-641-228. 

Their address is Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 14, 1012 NH Amsterdam. 

Have a great trip! 

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