Dublin’s public transport is well organized and will save your time and money if used correctly. Our tips will help you choose the right transport card or buy a ticket for transport in Dublin, as well as tell you how not to stay at a bus stop during rush hour.

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Is there a subway in Dublin?

Although Dublin is the capital, there is no subway in it. But locals are used to double-deckers and luas and easily move around the city. Read on and you can do the same.

Transport in Dublin:

  • Bus, a general bus modified with a second floor for bigger capacity.
  • Luas, a tram.
  • Dart, a city train. These trains do not run in the city center, but they are ultimate for traveling to the suburbs. The dart has fewer stops, so it goes faster. You can also visit neighboring cities.

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Dublin public transport timing

Buses run from 6am to 10:30pm on weekdays and from 9am to 10:30pm on weekends. However many buses operate from 6am on Saturdays as well. Dublin Bus has an official app that shows the arrival time of the bus at the bus stop online.

Luases run on average once every 10 minutes, also from morning to evening.

Dart has a more specific schedule, so it’s best to check online in advance.

How to get a seat in transport?

  1. Leaving the city center at 5–6 pm is not an easy task. Assess your plans and weather conditions, it might be better to take a walk or visit a museum. If you really need to go, then prepare your headphones and be patient.
  2. Another feature of transport in Dublin during summer is the busyness of buses with students of linguistic courses. For some reason they try to get on the same bus as a group of 20+ people. Try to stand in front of this group so that the driver can see you and understand that you are not a part of them. Sometimes the bus may not stop if the driver believes that such a group will not fit. But there is a chance.
  3. Each bus or tram is equipped with seats for the disabled, including people in wheelchairs. There are places for mother and child with a special place for a stroller. If you need such a place, then stand first in line at the bus stop so that the driver can see you. Don’t worry about being impolite, usually people let you through.

How to buy a ticket?

  • Bus tickets must be bought on the bus from the driver. But only with small money and no change.
  • The luas ticket should be bought from the ticket machine, they are available at every stop.
  • Dart tickets are sold at the box office at train stations and online on the website

Dublin travel cost

A bus or luas trip of less than 3 km costs €2.15 for one ticket. A trip over 3 km costs €3.30.

To save on travel, it is better to use the Leap Card. This transport card is sold in any store in every tourist office and in vending machines at luas stops. The cost of a trip with a travel card is €1.60–2.50. When issuing a card, you need to pay a €5 deposit and top up the card by another €5. This card can be used to pay for travel till the money runs out. You can top up at vending machines, stores, or even from your own smartphone with NFC.

Not to calculate the number of trips and the balance on the card, you can purchase an unlimited Leap Visitor Card, it is valid for all modes of transport.

Leap Visitor Card costs
1 day (24 hours) €10
3 days (72 hours) €19.50
1 week (7 days or 168 hours) €40

If you are in Dublin for study or work, don’t rush to buy a travel card. Universities provide their students with special student cards that will also save money in shops, cafes, when buying tickets to the cinema or excursions. Many employers also provide travel cards for their employees.

How to use a travel card?

  • Just like in other countries. The bus has a card reader, where you need to attach a travel card before entering the bus. If you are traveling by luas tram, then apply the card to the reader, but not in the cabin, but at the very stop before entering.
  • When exiting at the desired station, you need to attach the card to the reader again. Why is it so difficult? This system is designed for people with ordinary travel cards to withdraw a certain amount for the distance traveled. But even if you have an unlimited card, you need to follow the rules.
  • Transport cards and travel cards are also valid for Dart commuter trains. But since the rate on the dart depends on the specific station, it is better to check before the trip whether you have enough funds on the card and whether your stop is included in the card service area.

Walk more

Try to find a hostel or hotel in the city center. Then all the main and most popular attractions of Dublin will be within walking distance. Dublin 1, 2, Broadstone, North Wall, East Wall, Drumcondra, Ballybough, all these areas are close to the main sights and you don’t need to use transport at all.

Choose a hotel in Dublin

Some national parks are located further from the center, about an hour’s walk. But in case of good weather, it will be a scenic walk and you won’t regret it. Feel free to stop by tourist offices and hostels, even if you are not planning to book a tour or check in. In such places, you can take a city map for free and learn about the sights of Dublin.

Have a great trip to Dublin!

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