How to get to Oxford from London

30 Jun 2020

The University city Oxford is 90 km to the north-west of London and it's easy, quick and inexpensive to get to. 

Buses to Oxford 

The most popular and cheapest way to get there is on a bus. The following companies service that route: The Oxford Tube, National Express, and Oxford Bus Company. The buses leave from London Victoria Station every 12-20 minutes. They also stop at Marble Arch, Baker Street, Notting Hill Gate and Shepherd's Bush in London before going to Oxford. 

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Tickets online cost 4-5 pounds. You'll pay 20 pounds both ways if you buy them in the bus. The trip will take from 70 to 120 minutes. You can buy tickets here

Trains to Oxford 

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Taking a train from London to Oxford is easy from the Paddington Station. The trains leave every 20 minutes and the trip takes 84 minutes. Tickets cost 15-25 pounds one way, but they're a few pounds cheaper online. You can see options here

Taxis to Oxford 

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You can take a London taxi to get to Oxford in comfort. A car for four will cost about 120 pounds, or 30 per person. It's a bit more expensive than the train, but if you're in a group it might be fairly affordable and comfortable. The drive will take an hour and a half. You can book a car using this link

Getting to Oxford on your own 

If you're traveling around Great Britain in a car, then take the M40 highway towards Oxford and then go on the A40. The drive will take 90 minutes. You can rent a car here

Tours from London to Oxford 

Go to Oxford in a group tour with a professional guide! You can book such a tour here

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Go on a one-day tour with an English guide. The prices for such tours with a transfer to and from London with a visit to another interesting place besides Oxford start at 40 pounds per person. You can pick a tour using this link


If you've decided to stay in Oxford for several days or want to rest and keep going farther (maybe to Stonehenge) look for available rooms in the local hotels

Oxford: book hotel in

We hope you have a good trip to the old British town of Oxford! 

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