Taxis in Rome: how much they cost and how to use them


Once you’ve been to Rome, when you think about the taxis there, you’ll remember them as most expensive taxis in Europe, and some of the most expensive in the world. But despite the cost, tourists still have to use them sometimes. If you don’t know Italian and have a hard time finding your way around, there are a few things that are important to know before your trip, including how to call a taxi in Rome, where you can find taxi stands and what the positives and negatives of the taxis are. 

What do Roman taxis look like and where are the taxi stands? 

In general, Roman taxis are white. Every car will have a light on top, a number on the door and Servizio pubblico written above it. There’s also information on the driver and the company name with its phone number. 

Taxis in Rome

Popular licensed taxi companies in Rome are Taxi6645, Samarcanda and Asso taxi. 

Official licensed taxi stands are near public transport stops. There are also taxi stands outside cultural tourist places. Every hotel and hostel in Rome can call you a taxi for free, but be aware that you’ll have to pay for the taxi’s trip to your hotel as well. 

You can’t hail taxis in Rome. No one does it, and as a rule the cars on the roads are all occupied. Additionally, if you’re going to the historical part of the city you need special permission. 

How much do taxis cost in Rome? 

Taxi prices in Rome depend on the ride length and vary with the time of day. For example, a ride in the afternoon costs 3.5 Euros, and then the first 3 km will cost 8 Euros. Then there’s the T1 tariff up to 11 Euros, meaning the taxi costs 1.1 Euro per km. The T2 tariff goes up to 13 Euros, meaning 1.3 Euros per km. The T3 Tariff is the maximum price and is 1.6 Euros per km. 

Taxis in Rome

If you get unlucky and stuck in a traffic jam, be ready for the taxi ride to cost no less than 50 Euros. Rome is a very expensive city for travelers, so when planning your trip, look up Roman prices and be prepared. 

There’s a night tariff starting at 10 pm. During this time, Roman taxis are 30% more expensive than during the day, meaning 6.5 Euros. Holidays and weekends (night tariff) is 4.5 Euros. But there’s good news, too: single passengers get a 10% discount. 

Taxis from Rome’s airport 

More often than not, tourists have to use a taxi to get from the airport to Rome, although there are many other ways to leave the airport using public transport. 

Taxis in Rome

Taxi services from Rome’s airports (Fiumicino and Ciampino) have fixed prices which are written on the car door. 

Here are examples of taxi prices: 

  • Fiumicino to Tiburtina station — 55 Euros. 
  • Fiumicino to Ciampino airport — 50 Euros. 
  • Fiumicino to Ostiense — 45 Euros. 
  • Fiumicino to Civitavecchia port — 120 Euros. 

Baggage payment — 1 Euro per bag, first bag is free. 

Note that a taxi from Ciampino airport to Rome costs 30 Euros. But the taxi drivers don’t like this and often suggest using the taximeter. Don’t agree to this if your hotel is outside the Aurelian wall. In any case, going outside the Roman communes shouldn’t cost more than 70 Euros, so don’t let yourself get taken advantage of. 

Also remember you can always order a transfer taxi from the airport online in advance. You can do that here

Taxis in Rome — useful advice 

Taxis in Rome

  1. Even if you’re using a taxi with a fixed price, before getting in the car, double-check the cost. Keep small bills with you because drivers don’t usually have change. 
  2. Always take your hotel card with you so you can show them the address you need. Many Roman taxi drivers don’t speak English. 
  3. Keep your receipt. You have to right to complain to the city commune. If you have an argument or you think the taxi driver is tricking you, use your first right in emergency situations and call the police using 112. The police will always be on your side. 
  4. If you’re calling a taxi, always specify the number of passengers. 
  5. If you use an illegal taxi, there’s a 500-800 Euro fine. 

Taxi apps in Rome 

There are special mobile apps to call taxis in Rome. You can use them to significantly decrease the waiting time and price for calling a taxi. 

AppTaxi is a free app for taxis all over Italy, and Chiama Taxi is specific for Rome. 

Kiwi Taxi and are also well-regarded taxi companies. 

Have a good and easy trip to Rome! 

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