Alps in January

Ski resorts are not only a place for sports activities, but also a great place to relax, have a good time, improve your health, and have a unique and memorable holiday. Winter resorts in Europe are so well developed that in addition to skiing you can also ride on dog sleds, fly on paragliders, get acquainted with the cuisine of other countries, relax in modern spa centres or even take sunbaths on well-equipped viewing platforms high in the mountains.

How to get from Lyon airport to Grenoble and other resorts

If you're dreaming about the alpine resorts of France, you're in for a treat. The French Alps are well prepared to receive guests, with many resorts with all the amenities. Here's our guide for getting to the resorts in the Alps.

Airplane to the Alps

The closest major airport with scheduled flights to Grenoble and other resorts is Lyon Saint-Exupéry. Wherever you're planning to go, your best choice is a flight to Lyon. Find plane tickets to Lyon here. You can easily get to many ski resorts in the French Alps by train, bus, or car directly from the airport.