How to get from Orly airport to Paris

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Orly airport

Charles de Gaulle is the most well-known and largest Paris airport, but many people also fly into Orly. If your trip takes you to Orly airport, this article will tell you how to get to Paris with public transportation after you land.

If you don’t want to take public transport, you can order a shuttle from Orly to your hotel or back using this link. We’ll also tell you how to order a taxi or rent a car.

Suburban train RER B

Orly airport is connected with the suburban RER B train station Antony via the ORLYVAL shuttle. The RER B train to Paris from Antony goes towards Mitry-Claye or Aeroports Charles de Gaulle. You can leave the train at the Luxembourg gardens, Notre Dame, the North Station or the mall Chatelet-Les Halles.


The ORLYVAL bus stops at the Orly airport are

  • Paris-Orly South (Paris-Orly Sud): entrance K.
  • Paris-Orly West (Ouest): Entrance A, arrivals.

Getting back to Antony station from Paris requires you to get on the RER B train towards Saint Remy les chevreuses.

Travel time: 25 minutes (RER) + 6 minutes (ORLYVAL).

Price: €14.10 (RER + ORLYVAL).

Working hours: 6-11:35.

Suburban train RER C

Orly airport is connected to the RER C station Pont de Rungis by the 183 bus route.

To get from Pont de Rungis to Paris or the suburbs you need to take the RER C GOTA or NORA towards Pontoise or Montigny Beauchamp.

If you’re going from Paris to the Pont de Rungis station you need to get on the train toward Massy-Palaiseau or Pont de Rungis. At the Pont de Rungis station, you need to get on the bus 183 to get to the airport.

The Paris par le train bus stops at Orly:

  • Paris-Orly West (Ouest): entrance G, arrivals.

It runs every 30 minutes from 5:35 to 12:15.

Travel time: 25 minutes (RER) + 10 minutes (bus).

Price: €4.95 + 2.10 (you can also use Navigo).

Trolley 7

Trolley 7

City trolley number 7 runs from Orly to Paris. It connects the Villejuif-Louis Aragon station (final station on line 7) to Aeroport D’Orly. It’s a 39-minute trip from the airport to the edge of Paris, and then you can get on the metro. It may be the most comfortable transport currently from Orly to the city.

The first trolly leaves at 5:30 and the last at 12:30.

A ticket costs €2.10 (a standard metro/bus/trolly ticket). Navigo works on this route.

You can find the trolley 7 route at the end of this article.


The Orlybus connects Paris (Denfert-Rochereau station) and the Orly airport. It’s one of the best ways to get to the city and back. Look at the picture instructions.

Bus stops for the Orlybus at the airport:

  • Paris-Orly South (Sud): entrance G.
  • Paris-Orly West (Ouest): entrance D, arrivals.

Travel time: 20 to 30 minutes.

Price: €11.20

Magical Shuttle

The Magic Shuttle connects Paris-Orly with some hotels and with Disneyland. If you’re going straight to Disney from the airport, this is the transport option for you.

» See moreHow to get to Disneyland from Paris

Disneyland Paris: book hotel in

Stops at Paris-Orly:

  • Paris-Orly South (Sud): car stop — platform 2 — entrance G.
  • Paris-Orly West (Ouest): arrivals — platform A — entrance I.

Travel time: 45 minutes.

Price: €23 for adults, €10 for children. You can book your trip in advance online at this link.

But if you’re going to Disneyland, you’ll need a ticket for the park itself. Book it here, as they are no longer sold at the entrance, but only online.

Bus 91-10

Bus 91-10 connects Paris-Orly and the Massy-TGV station.

Stops at Paris-Orly:

  • Paris-Orly South (Sud): platform 2.
  • Paris-Orly West (Ouest): entrance H.

Travel time: 35 minutes.

Price: €2.10

Taxis to Paris

Only taxis located at the exits can take clients. You can recognize them by the checkboard pattern on the roofs. The fare is fixed: depending on the bank of the Seine to which you are going – from €35 to €41.

You can get a taxi from

  • Terminal Orly South (Sud), entrance L.
  • Terminal Orly West (Ouest), exit B.

You can also order a transfer from Orly to your hotel or vice-versa.

Avoid any suspicious offers of rides from inside arrivals.

Car rental

Car rental

You can rent a car that will be waiting for you at the airport. This is a good option if you’ll also be driving to other areas around Paris. The drive to Paris will take 30-40 minutes (less if the traffic is good).

Enjoy your trip! 

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