What kind of ticket is best to buy in the Paris metro?

Paris metro

Due to constant questions about Paris metro tickets, we will answer the most frequently asked ones.

First, the entire territory is split into five transport zones with different fees. Paris is in the first and second zones, while Charles de Gaulle is in the last one.

Tickets for Paris public transport

Bus in Paris

Second, you need to buy a separate RER ticket to take public transport from Charles de Gaulle to Paris. These are single ride tickets. When you get to Paris, you’ll keep using the same ticket until you leave the metro. An alternate mode of transportation is renting a car that will comfortably and quickly take you where you want to go, not counting stops. You can rent a car here.

In general, all the tickets in the first and second zones work for buses, trolleys and RER that are in the city. One ticket is used for one ride; however, you have an unlimited amount of transfers as long as you don’t go above ground. You can switch trains in a two-hour time period.

Carnet” is a package of 10 tickets for 16.90 Euros. It’s more convenient and efficient to buy it instead of a normal card that costs 1.90 Euros. This card is available to everyone.

Other than that, there are tickets for children aged 4 to 10. You can get a Carnet for 8.45 Euros to save money. There’s also a ticket, Ticket Jeune, for those under 26 years old that costs 4 Euros per day in all five zones, but only on weekends and holidays.

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Metro tickets in Paris


The tourist package, Paris Visite, can be bought for one to five days (one-time use tickets are 5.80 Euros.) It can be used in various zones and includes discounts on many tourist sights. This is the only ticket that lets you go to the Charles de Gaulle or Orly airports. In other circumstances, you’ll have to buy tickets separately to get there since they are in a different transport zone.

The one-day ticket, Mobilis, is made specially for tourists because it doesn’t have a limited number of rides. As far as prices go, it’s 7.50 Euros for one or two zones, 10 for 1-3 zones, 12.40 for 1-4 zones, and 17.80 for all five.

Finally, there’s a Navigo ticket for Parisians. On one hand, it’s cheaper than Paris Visite, but on the other hand, Navigo isn’t for every tourist since it only works on a calendar week (Monday to Friday) or month (from the 1st to the last day). You will need to buy the card for an additional 5 Euros as well as paying for the rides. It can be used in all zones and doesn’t limit passengers to city or suburban transport.

The prices change every year. Right now, they start at 22.80 for a week (all five zones) and a month cost 75.20.

Transport ticket prices


  • A standard ticket costs 1.90 Euros and the Navigo Easy card with 10 tickets is 16.90.
  • A ticket from Paris to Charles de Gaulle is about 12 Euros. Remember that it’s in zone 5.
  • A ticket from Paris to Disneyland on RER is about 7 Euros and a ticket to Versailles is about 6.
  • Orly is in zone three, but to get to it on the OrlyVal you will have to buy extra rides that cost about 10 Euros.

And it’s impractical to not use our audio guide. It’s an irreplaceable tour guide that doesn’t take up much space on your device. You can download it by using this link.

And finally. The cost of public transport tickets changes each year. So, we recommend checking the prices on the website RATP before your trip.

Enjoy your trip!