How can one buy a metro ticket in Paris?

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Paris metro

It’s convenient to get around Paris on the metro. It has 14 lines and there is a station at every intersection. Most destinations in Paris are easy and quick to get to. But first you have to buy a ticket: don’t skip out on this because people check for tickets. Tickets are sold in kiosks and specific machines. You can find instructions for using them below.

The machines are at every metro station. There are different ones for buying tickets and for extending your monthly pass or for just extending it. Every terminal accepts coins or card, and some accept bills. There are usually language options, but French is the default. If you’re paying with a card, there’s a keypad to enter your pin.

Paris metro

  • Choose your language.
  • Then, choose buying a ticket, not charging a card (right side of the screen).
  • You’ll have a choice between buying one ticket, Mobilis pass or a special ticket (RER, to the airport, and more). We’ve already discussed the different fees for public transport in Paris.
  • Pick the Ticket t + (1 ride).
  • Full fare is for adults, and “reduced fare” is for kids under 10 years old. Select the number of tickets.
  • Then it’s easy. Pay with your card or cash if you can. Follow the usual instructions for cards. Some machines have a slot for cash.
  • Finally, don’t forget your tickets.

If the machine seems too hard for you to use in Paris, try buying metro tickets at an RATP kiosk.

One t+ ticket costs €1.90. But you can reduce your transport costs. In the same machine you can buy a one-day paper Mobilis pass or a tourist pass for 1-3-5 days Paris Visite. At the ticket office you can get a transport card Navigo Easy, which can be refilled at once 10 trips at a discounted price. We explained the benefits of travel cards in this article.

Now you can move around the city easily and our audioguide will help you find interesting places to go to.

Enjoy your trip!

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