How to spend one day in Cannes

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Cannes beach

Sometimes vacationers to the French Riviera have just one day to see Cannes. It’s a cool city, famous for its film festivals, yachts, delicious dishes, and art, so it’s important to plan a route that lets you see all the most famous tourist attractions. One of the most sought-after activities in Cannes is the boat trip to and from the Lérins Islands.

Croisette waterfront in Cannes

There is an airport in Cannes, but only private planes can land there. Tourists usually arrive at the Cannes train station at 1 rue Jean Jaures on trains from Paris or Nice. When you exit the station, you’ll be on the famous waterfront Croisette. This boulevard is considered the most luxurious and fashionable area in Cannes. The waterfront Croisette is in the list of France’s cultural heritage sites.

Croisette waterfront

The boulevard starts at the legendary film festival palace at 1 Boulevard de la Croisette. This is where all the first-class celebrities come once a year for the prestigious Cannes film festival. You can walk along the red carpet and take pictures, but you’ll have to wait in line for that opportunity. You’ll see dozens of luxurious yachts moored at the coast across from the palace.

Take a sunbath

Plage Mace

If the weather is good, you can go to the beach and enjoy the warm, clean Mediterranean Sea after visiting the film festival palace. The large city beach, Mace, is just a two-minute walk from the palace at 20 Boulevard de la Croisette. It’s one of just a few beaches in Cannes that you can go to for free. The beach is fairly clean, but if you want to tan, you’ll need to bring your own towels and probably an umbrella. During the film festival, a large projector is used to show movies right outside.

Carlton hotel

Next, it’s best to continue along the boulevard towards the magnificent Carlton hotel at 58 Boulevard de la Croisette. You can see it from almost anywhere on the coast. Famous stars in show business have been staying here for over 100 years. Grace Kelly herself met the prince of Monaco here. The most famous casino in France, the Croisette, is here, as well as the prestigious nightclub Jimmy’z.

If you go another 200 meters, you’ll find another beach, the Plage Zed, at 78 Boulevard de la Croisette. It costs 36 euros to be there during the day, but the price includes a chair and umbrella.

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A place to have a lunch


There are many kinds of restaurants on Croisette. If you want to try some authentic and luxurious French food, we recommend going to Le Park at 45 Boulevard de la Croisette or L’Affable at 5 rue la Fontaine. The bill will be on average 50 euros per person, but the food is worth the cost.

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The Old city of Cannes

The Old city of Cannes

And of course, it’s worth visiting the old city, which is even more like an old village. Walk along the coast to the town hall at 1 Place Bernard Cornut Gentille and go up to narrow, colorful streets to the top. There you’ll find the local fortress at 5 le Suquet, Rue de la Castre. You’ll be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the world: the southern city, the French Riviera, palm trees, yachts and Croisette. What else do you need to be happy!?


Cannes has long been a place for vacationing, enjoying the views and breathing in the ocean air for a long time. France has lots of medieval castles and museums, but Cannes isn’t the place for those. So if you’re here for a day, try to immerse yourself in the endless celebrations, excitement, and entertainment.

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Have a great trip!

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