Keukenhof Park is rightfully considered one of the most interesting and memorable flower parks in the Netherlands and around the world. Quite often this place is called the «spring garden of Europe». This park is the second most photographed attraction in the world.

How to buy a ticket to Keukenhof park?

Stationsweg 166A
2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands

8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

It is definitely better to come to the park in the morning. There are no crowds in public transport and in the park itself.

Ticket price:

Adult ticket:  €19

Groups (from 20 persons):  €18.50 

Children (4 – 17 years):  €19

To avoid the queue at the entrance, buy tickets in advance online, just select a date in the calendar below. Don’t forget to add the park’s audio guide to your shopping cart!

In fact, the park is located 30 km from Amsterdam near the town of Lisse. During the flowering period of tulips from around mid-March to the end of May (exact dates depend on weather conditions) the park is open to the public. In 2022, the park was open from March 25 to May 15.

For those people who don’t like hiking, there are the following options:

  • With a transfer from Amsterdam and with a tour, you can book one here.
  • It is possible to drive around the surroundings of the park in an electric car (check out the offer here). Inside, of course, it is impossible to enter by any means of transport, even by bicycle.
  • The most luxurious option is to fly over the flowering fields in a helicopter. Book this adventure through this link.

Why is Keukenhof park famous?

Every year, 6 million plants turn the area of the park into flower carpets. The main decoration of the park is obviously tulips: more than 700 different types of these flowers are grown here in various shapes and colors (even black ones!), There are also daffodils, hyacinths and other bulbs. However, people come here not only because of the fields of flowers, but also to look at the ruins of the Middle Ages castle, the local mill and also listen to the mysterious legend.

The territory of the park is divided into thematic zones. For example, a walk through the «Musical Garden» will be accompanied by the sound of classical music, and the space allocated for the «Garden of Nature» symbolizes the balance of nature and demonstrates plant bulbs mixed with mineral fertilizers. Particularly, it is worth noting the «Historical Garden» zone, located behind heavy massive doors: there you will be met by park workers in historical costumes, and the garden itself consists of perennial varieties bred in past centuries. Behind the old mill there is the «Japanese Garden», which grows specially selected varieties of tulips. In addition to special areas, in the park you can admire artificial ponds with swans and ducks, century-old trees and the graceful landscape of the park.

How to get to Keukenhof park?

You can get to the park by car or bus.

  • By car you should take the A4 towards the Hague, take the fourth exit and follow the sign «N207-Lisse». From the Hague you can leave along the A44 highway to exit 3 «Noordwijkerhout» and then you need to go along the «N208».
  • By public transport from the center of Amsterdam you need to get to Schiphol Airport (you can take bus number 197 or travel by train), and from there transfer to bus 858.

You can take a tour from Amsterdam, Rotterdam or the Hague, it will be faster and sometimes cheaper than getting there on your own. Similar trips can be found at this link.

Have a great trip!

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