Keukenhof Park is over 170 years old and is recognized as the largest and most beautiful flower park in Europe. More than 4.5 million tulips of one hundred different species grow in the vastness of this flower kingdom. The park annually receives up to 1 million tourists and has all the infrastructure necessary to receive such a large number of guests. At the entrance there are storage rooms that allow you to leave luggage, many tourists go to the park right from the airport.

To help independent travelers, we have prepared a useful audio guide app (works offline as well). You can download it and walk around the Keukenhof park accompanied by interesting stories!

Getting to the Keukenhof park by car

Keukenhof is located near the North Sea coast between Amsterdam and The Hague. For those who are going to the park in their own or rented car (you can get one here), we recommend using the navigator. You need to move in the direction of The Hague along the A 4 highway, after the Exit 4, follow the sign N207–Lisse.

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Getting to Keukenhof by public transport

For tourists who prefer public transport, there are 2 ways to get from Amsterdam to the Keukenhof park: via Schiphol Airport or via the city of Leiden.

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Via Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport can be reached by train from Amsterdam Central Station. One-way fare is €4,90, travel time is 15 minutes. Or you can take bus 197, which departs from the Museumplein and Leidseplein squares, the ticket price is €6,50.

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At the airport, transfer to bus 858 Keukenhof Express, which departs from the Schiphol B1 / B3 platform at the Schiphol Plaza station. This bus stops right at the main entrance to the Keukenhof park. The trip to the park takes 35 minutes. On weekdays, the bus leaves every 15 minutes, on weekends it does about 8 times per hour.

However, you will not be able to buy a bus ticket on the spot. It must be booked in advance online, and with the time interval. The fact is that there will be a lot of people who want to get into the park, and the bus is not rubber. Therefore, we had to introduce such measures.

Buy a bus ticket here, or better yet book a combined ticket — for the bus back and forth and for the entrance to the park — at this link.

During the festival there is a special offer — a park ticket with a digital guide and a pass for the whole of Amsterdam transport, including the Keukenhof Express, for only 51€. Book here.

Via the city of Leiden

First you need to get to the city of Leiden by train (a one-way ticket will cost €11, travel time is about 35 minutes). Bus 854 Keukenhof Express runs from the Leiden Central station square. The trip frequency of this bus is the same as of the bus 858. A round trip ticket to Keukenhof costs €11,50, travel time is 25 minutes.

Combo tickets

Combo tickets are very convenient for travelers. They include the cost of entrance tickets and a round-trip bus ride. A combined ticket from Schiphol Airport or Leiden costs 42.50 € (on sale here).

For those going to the park for the whole day, we recommend this ticket. It additionally includes an hour and a half cruise along the river along the tulip fields and the old mills.

Where to stay near the park?

If you decide to stay in the tulip fields for the night, it is most convenient to stay in the village of Lisse, which has hotels for travelers.

Book a hotel room in Lisse

You can also stay in Leiden. If you get there from Amsterdam in the evening and spend the night, you can find yourself in the park in the morning during the opening. There are much less visitors at this time than in the afternoon. Check out the best hotel deals in Leiden here.

Compare hotel deals in Leiden

Have a great time in the park!

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