Ticket prices for the most important tourist sites in Paris


There’s a lot to do when you’re planning a Paris vacation. Once you’ve booked your plane tickets and hotel, it’s time to get tickets for all the must-see tourist attractions. This article will tell you which tickets are best to order in advance, how to avoid long lines and how to save money on tours.

Buying tickets is pretty easy. You don’t need to search for various destinations or know French. 

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower is the main tourist site in Paris. The Iron Lady’s lines can be 2-3 hours long. We’ve already written an article titled “How to get into the Eiffel Tower without lines” and in this case, we recommend getting your tickets in advance. You can find tickets to the second floor and higher here.

Ticket price: 10-27 €

At this link you can find combined tours: bus, cruise and a visit to the Eiffel Tower. Or you can combine the tower with only a river boat tour

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It might be hard to believe, but Disneyland is even more popular than the Eiffel Tower. And you simply must go to the park if you have kids with you. You can buy Disneyland tickets in advance too

Ticket price: 50-100 €

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The Louvre is the most popular museum in the world. 10 million people visit it each year. With that huge number, it’s easy to see how the lines to the Louvre’s pyramid can be 2-3 hours long, and even 4 in the busy season. You can buy Louvre tickets by using this link, so you don’t have to stand out in the elements too long. We recommend downloading our audio guide on your phone and walking through the museum on your own. It’s insightful, takes you to all the most important masterpieces, and will save you money on a Louvre tour. You can download it here

Ticket price: 17 €



Versailles is one of the most famous royal palaces in the world. The lines here are long too, especially in the summer and on New Year’s. If you want to get in easily and quickly, buy a ticket in advance. You can also book a tour that will take you to Versailles and then back to Paris. 

Ticket price: 10-28 €

Moulin Rouge cabaret

Moulin Rouge

Do you want to see the famous French cancan, drink champagne and relax in comfort? Then you want the famous Moulin Rouge. There aren’t any tickets for today’s or tomorrow’s show left, and just the most expensive ones for the day after tomorrow. Some tourists buy their ticket for Moulin Rouge even before buying plane tickets. That’s a bit extreme, but we do recommend getting your tickets in advance. You can find them here

Ticket price: 87-400 €

Bus tour

Bus tour

If you’ll only be in Paris for a couple of days, we recommend a bus tour. It’ll save you time and money. It’s also a good way to see all the main sights in just a few hours. You can find tourist bus tickets here

Ticket price: 39 €

River boat tour 

River boat tour

A river tour on the Seine is an unbelievably romantic experience, except for all the time standing in the ticket lines. Most of the important sites in Paris are right on the Seine’s banks. You can ride on a river boat and see the city from the water. This angle will give you a unique view of all the famous buildings like the Eiffel Tower. You can find river tour tickets here

Ticket price: 15 €

Orsay Museum

Orsay Museum

Orsay Museum is the second most popular museum in Paris and is in the world’s top 10. That’s thanks to the famous impressionist works inside. You’ll find Monet, Degas, Van Gogh and many others from that era. But the lines are sometimes even longer than for the Louvre. Our biggest recommendation for this museum is getting tickets in advance, or you’ll lose 2 to 3 hours in line. 

Ticket price: 16 €

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Arc de Triomph

Arc de Triomph

The Arc de Triomph is one of the top tourist sites in Paris. It’s beautiful as a separate structure and has a great view too. We recommend going to the Arc in the evening, when the Eiffel Tower lights up. You can get a ticket ahead of time.

Ticket price: 13 €

Of course, we don’t recommend getting tickets for everything at once. Think about it carefully and don’t overbook yourself. Go see what’s interesting for you. Our partners have many interesting programs for travelers. And maybe you’ll find something special for you.

Buying tickets in advance will definitely save you from long lines, save you a lot of valuable time in Paris, as well as strength and sometimes even money!

Have a nice trip!