Not many people have an opportunity to visit Paris Disneyland every day. Most likely you want this day to become a full-fledged immersion in a fairy tale for both you and your children. Staying overnight in a hotel next door to an amusement park is a good idea to relax in comfort without wasting your energy on travel as well. Moreover Disneyland hotels are a comprehensive continuation of the park. Relax in the rooms of your favorite cartoon style! We will suggest to you the top ten hotels near Disneyland.

This list is especially useful for those who want to spend 2 or 3 days at Disneyland. Park tickets are not included in the price. Book them in advance using this link. You can see all the hotels in the Disneyland area here.

Hotel Disneyland 5*

The hotel looks fabulous both outside and inside. This is a magnificent Victorian palace where Disney cartoon characters walk around. There is a free kindergarten, a heated pool, a garden for walks on the territory. Breakfast is not included in the price, but there are restaurants and vending machines. There is a paid game room with video games, fitness and spa centers.

For a night in this fabulous hotel, a family of four has to pay about €770, but Disneyland Park is only a 5 minute walk and there is an early entrance for hotel guests (means an entire hour without queues). 1 fast pass is issued per day for each person.

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Hotel Disney’s Newport Bay Club 4*

The hotel is stylized in the spirit of Steamboat Willie with Mickey Mouse. The decor of the rooms is particularly commendable, although they do not include a mini-fridge or kettle. Children are delighted with both the atmosphere and the opportunity to play in the main hall with Disney cartoon characters. The hotel has swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), fitness center and sauna. Some rooms have lake or outdoor pool views.

Prices start from €350 per night in a family room, breakfast is not included. Also not all staff speaks English. The route from the hotel to the park will take you 15 minutes walk, driving there will be 5 times faster. There are always a lot of guests and therefore there are queues for a free shuttle.

Hotel Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne 2*

The theme of the hotel is the Toy Story cartoon. The complex of buildings, together with the adjacent territory, looks like a small town from a Western story. The rooms also have Wild West style, which is especially admirable for children. Disney characters are playing along with those who visit the lobby in the mornings, and there is live country music in the saloon bar.

You need to get ready for the absence of a refrigerator in the rooms.

The cost of living is an average of €262 for a family, breakfast costs €25.

The location of the hotel is excellent, the shuttle reaches the park in 2 minutes and runs every 10 minutes.

Check availability at Hotel Cheyenne using this link.

Hotel Disney’s Sequoia Lodge 3*

This comfortable hotel is surrounded by a real forest. In the classic design of the rooms there is a Bambi theme, it fits in very well with the greenery outside the windows. There is an indoor pool where you can completely immerse yourself in the jungle theme. From 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. you can meet Disney characters at the hotel. The rooms have good soundproofing, so resting after a noisy day is especially pleasant.

A standard room for four costs €317. This amount does not include breakfast, which has only top reviews, nor tickets to the amusement park. It takes about 12–15 minutes to walk to Disneyland, but the transport runs regularly.

Check out the most beneficial offers of the hotel on this link.

Disney’s Hotel New York 4*

A modern and comfortable hotel in the style of the Marvel Universe, popular with families with children and comic book lovers. There is a terrace, playground, indoor and outdoor pools on the territory. In the morning cartoon characters help to tune in to a fabulous pastime and the magic of the Disney atmosphere. The rooms are soundproofed, have a mini bar and everything you need to clean up and rejuvenate.

The hotel has a very convenient location, it takes only 5 minutes to walk to the entrance to the park. There is a Disney store in the building. Here you can also buy entrance tickets to the park, which is great as you do not have to stand in line. Price for a family starts from €350.

Hotel Marriott’s Village d’Ile-de-France 4*

The hotel complex consists of small two-story cottages, which provide everything you need, including the kitchen. There is an amazing view from the windows, as the hotel occupies a vast territory with ponds. Children love to feed the ducks, geese and swans that live there. Swimming pools, playground, kids club, fitness center and restaurant make you go beyond the villa, no matter how nice it is there.

Food can be bought in the supermarket right here on the territory. You can get to Disneyland by bus for €2, tickets to the park are sold at the reception. Staying in a villa here costs around €350–400.

Explorers Hotel 3*

This is a real fairy tale for kids! Game room with labyrinth, pirate ship style water park, 6D cinema, playful room decor in the same pirate style. Everything is bright, colorful, and amusing. The room rate (from €233 for four people) includes a modest breakfast without hot dishes.

The free shuttle to Disneyland departs every 15 minutes and arrives there in 5 minutes. It is better to buy tickets to the amusement park at the reception, as they can be cheaper here than at the box office.

B&B Hôtel 2 stars

A clean and elegant hotel with a play space inside and a beautiful meadow outside the building. Breakfast (a modest and delicious buffet) is included in the room rate. You can order a reasonably priced dinner. There is also a bar and a restaurant. The peculiarity of the hotel is Bultex mattresses, the convenience of which is hard to miss. There are excellent conditions for relaxation, as the rooms are well soundproofed as well.

The hotel is a real fairy tale for those who like to relax in silence. But you should be ready that there are no hair dryers in the rooms, and there are no grocery stores anywhere nearby. The free shuttle runs frequently and takes about 5 minutes to Disneyland. And the main bonus is the price. A family of 4 can stay overnight here for €180.

Grand Magic Hotel 4*

The bright and colorful hotel sets the joyful mood from the first step. The theme of the interior is a circus, and kids really like it. There are entertainment machines and a swimming pool. It is allowed to bring pets with you, which is extremely rare in hotels. The room windows offer the most pleasant views of the garden or lake.

A nice breakfast is included in the price of the room, but you can refuse it by choosing a lower amount to pay for your stay. In any case, it is better to take care of the food for small kids in advance. Entrance tickets to Disneyland are sold at the front desk. The free shuttle gets to the amusement park in 10 minutes.

You can see more photos of the hotel and book rooms here.

Dream Castle Hotel 4*

That is a fairy-tale castle from the Musketeers time located among the gardens and overlooking the lake. There is a small swimming pool, sauna, spa and fitness facilities. The hotel has delicious food for breakfast and dinner with a discount for children. You can also pay for a room at a rate that already includes breakfast. It costs from €243 per night for four.

There is an outdoor playground specially for children. If they play in the room, you don’t have to worry, great sound insulation will allow the neighbors to relax. A free shuttle will take you to the main goal of the trip, the amusement park, in just 10 minutes.

You can book the rooms here.

You can see all the hotels that are located near Disneyland or in the park itself here.

Have a nice holiday!

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