Great Britain

How to get into the London Eye without lines

The famous London Eye Ferris wheel sees 11 thousand guests daily. It's no surprise that it always has lines out front. The longest one is for the ticket counter and the second, slightly smaller one is at the ride's entrance. But who wants to spend a lot of time waiting? We'll tell you a few secrets for getting on the London Eye much quicker. 

Order London Eye tickets online 

If you do this, you'll save 10-20% of the ticket price at the counter. You need to book your ticket at least a day before your visit. 

How to get to Oxford from London

The University city Oxford is 90 km to the north-west of London and it's easy, quick and inexpensive to get to. 

Buses to Oxford 

The most popular and cheapest way to get there is on a bus. The following companies service that route: The Oxford Tube, National Express, and Oxford Bus Company. The buses leave from London Victoria Station every 12-20 minutes. They also stop at Marble Arch, Baker Street, Notting Hill Gate and Shepherd's Bush in London before going to Oxford. 

How to Visit Warner Bros. Studio

Long, long ago in 2001, the first film of Harry Potter and his friends' adventures appeared on the big screen. It's hard to believe it's been that long already, and still, every year the army of fans of this magical saga grows, and parents are sharing their love of these characters with their own children. The filmmakers, Warner Bros. Studios, decided to pull back the curtain after they finished filming and provided an opportunity for everyone who wants to see the world of magic and miracles. Since March 31, 2012, the studio in Leavesden, about 32 km from London, has been open to tourists.