30 major attractions in Rome

The main difficulty you will face when first getting acquainted with the Eternal City is the need to decide which sights in Rome to visit first. At every step you'll come across an interesting museum, a picturesque square, an ancient church, ancient ruins or other remarkable places and buildings. We have prepared a useful list of the most popular sights in Rome. We hope it will help you to plan your trip. Welcome to Rome!

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Christmas at the Vatican: Feast, Mass, tickets

If you want to spend your Christmas vacation in a truly extraordinary place, head to the Vatican. All of Italy is a fairy tale in itself during the winter, but it's in the Vatican on the eve of the main Christian holiday when real miracles happen. Visiting the tiny state is always worthwhile, striking in its architecture year-round, but the city looks especially mesmerizing in its holiday decorations. The Christmas tree in St. Peter's Square captivates residents and visitors every year with its beauty. And the Christmas Mass in the Vatican is truly an incredible spectacle.

12 must-see temples in Rome

Rome is a very special city with a direct relation to the birth of modern civilization. Its historical legacy is priceless, and in the heart of the Italian capital is the Holy See of the Catholic Church, the Vatican. It would take you several lifetimes to see all the sights of the eternal city, but tourists tend to try to see Rome in 2-3 days. Here we offer travelers a selection of the 10 most interesting churches that must be visited in Rome.

100 tips for your trip to Rome

Rome is a city with unbelievable sights and extraordinary character. It's hard to understand the first time you visit, but if you fall in love, it'll be forever. Do you want to feel at home in the Eternal City? Then this article is perfect for you. We've gathered 100 helpful pieces of advice for a trip to Rome that'll help travels easily find their way in the Italian capital on the first trip! Buona fortuna!

Traveling around Tuscany in a car: a route with cities and descriptions

A car in Tuscany is less a luxury and more a path to freedom and the ability to plan your trip independent of roadblocks. We recommend driving around Tuscany and have developed a fulfilling route for you. It's quite full and is about 500 km long. We chose the 15 best cities and villages in Tuscany, including both small and large ones that are worth a visit. If you're not used to a quick pace, then you can adjust the route by skipping a few spots or spending more time in the area. Let's begin! 

Rome for LGBT tourists: clubs, parties and hotels

Rome is one of the cities on every serious traveler's list. There aren’t many metropolises in the world where modern life blends in so organically with an ancient historical atmosphere. In several ways Rome is still a very conservative city, including its relationship with the LGBT community, and unsurprisingly the Catholic church has strong influence here. But Rome has a fairly large LGBT community that supports and develops the local gay culture. 

Save time in Rome: which attractions to book in advance

Rome is one of the most visited cities in Europe, and maybe in the world. The Eternal City entices crowds of tourists, and that means that multi-hour-long lines are present at the most popular Roman tourist sites. If you don't want to suffer a multi-hour torturous wait at the ticket booth, we'll tell you which destinations in Rome are worth getting tickets in advance for and how to do it without extra charges. 

Cassino for a day: The Monte Cassino abbey and monastery

Cassino is one of the two largest cities in the Frosinone province in Lazio. The city is little known among foreign tourists but is a gem for Italians. It's the land of Saint Benedict, the cradle of Christianity in the Roman empire, and the birthplace of many saints and philosophers. It's "the door to the South" in the outskirts of Rome (150 km) on the road to Naples (70 km away). Throughout the city's long history, it was completely destroyed and rebuilt several times.